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My name is Rob McCray and I am a business marketing coach and consultant that can help you dramatically improve your marketing skills or I can create the ads and run them for you, to help you increase your conversions of leads and sales for your business.

Are you tired of chasing people around and spending money on different marketing strategies that are not getting you the results that you desire?

Are you reluctant to talk to people about your business or products because you feel as if you are being intrusive or offensive and may find yourself in a awkward position amongst your peers?

If you are anything like me and have had some of these same experiences then I know exactly what you are going through and we both know that this is not a good feeling and can often put a damper on your relationships.

That`s why I had to figure out a way to have people reach out to me to inquire about my business, instead of me going out and chasing people away!

And this is how I got into marketing online and creating a strategy that  has customers reaching out to me.

Creating a successful business is not as difficult as many people tend to believe, once you understand who your target market is and how to get your offer in front of that audience, then you will start to achieve better results.

But that is only half of the battle, you need to be able to connect with your audience and create a way to follow up with them to build a  long lasting relationship.

Do it right and you will build a very loyal and appreciative customer base that no other person or business can come in-between and this will eliminate the need for you to feel as if you have to negotiate or set a price based on what your competitors are doing and this is done by creating that know,like and trust factor.

This is what I will help you with! 

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What You Will Learn

Step 1. Identify your audience
The first thing we have to do is identify what audience is best suited for your offer and how this will impact their lives.

So we need to be very specific as to who actually wants and needs your offer in order for us to get the best conversion rates and not waste money on your advertising and this is where most marketers go wrong they try to market to everybody without understanding that everyone is not in need or looking for that specific offer and then it becomes a waste of your advertising dollar.

Don`t try and sell meat to a vegetarian.
Business Marketing Strategist
 Step 2. Create an irresistible offer
 Once we have identified your target audience now we have to put an offer in front of them that would be too good to pass up.

Something that is related to your business, fulfills a need and will provide valuable information to them so that they will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you again.

This is how you start to build that long lasting relationship of know, like and trust.

Once you build the relationship your audience will practically be begging you to sell them something because they trust and value your opinion as to what is needed for their particular need.

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